From 08/14/06 - 12/31/06: $1692
January 2007: $199
February 2007: $2840
March 2007: $71
April 2007: -$402
May 2007: $1620
June 2007: $541
July 2007: $504
August 2007: -$2599
September 2007: $2169
October 2007: $4321
November 2007: $195
December 2007: $1072
January 2008: $1303
February 2008: $1334
March 2008: $722
April 2008: $658
May 2008: $1151
June 2008: $283
July 2008: -$777
August 2008: $273

Total Profit to Date: $17,169

I've Profited $17,169 In Two Years
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